Our Partners

We are very proud to work with Scenery workshop.
They are our main sponsor for airbrush workshops and we use almost all of their products to create our projects.
Need anything hobby related? look them up!

Because we like to work with high quality products, we use GamersGrass tufts on all our bases to make sure our clients get the best.
Do you want us to use any other GamersGrass products for your commission project?
We offer a 15% discount on their full range!

We work together with Unreal Wargaming Studios, they are a small family run business based in the UK that produce amazing detailed
resin bases for wargaming miniatures.
If you want your commission project done on their bases, let us know because we offer you a 15% discount at their shop!

Want us to use some awesome waterslide transfers and decals from The Mighty Brush?
Luther has been a long time follower and friend and did some nice things for us in the past, so we are very proud to work with him now.
So if you want us to use any of his products for your commission, we offer you a 25% discount!

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